Joseph J. Piché

Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and sometimes computer programmer.

As a computer programmer by day, I have expertise in efficiently solving complex technology problems. Most of my time is currently spent as Senior Mobile Developer at :coderow but when I get some free time, I read and write Philosophy, both of which I whole-heartedly enjoy. Previously I served as Director of Software Development for Irish Titan where I worked for over 3 years.

While I have veteran experience programming in PHP, CSS, HTML, and Javascript, I find PHP abhorent and currently focus primarily on iOS and Android mobile development. I also have years of experience managing Linux servers, and have worked heavily in Objective-C, Python, Java, Ruby, Scala, and various other programming languages. Complementarily I architect database schemas and have experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MongoDB.

Whether you're looking for programming advice, need some work done, or have a philosophical dilemma, it never hurts to ask. In any case, feel free to email me at j at jpiche dot com. Or you can tweet me @jjpiche.

Recent Notable Projects